About Tego Data

Tego is the Latin word for shield and protect. Our mission as an organization is to help you more effectively manage and protect your data.

We understand IT professionals carry a huge responsibility for any organization.

Their overarching charter is generally fairly simply, keep information available 24X7. Delivering on that is often very complex and fraught with decisions that involve a lot of risk and potential cost. Wading through the myriad of ways to reach their goals can be daunting.

As an IT Integration and Cloud Services Provider with 30 years of combined experience, Tego Data strives every day to be the absolute best at what we do so we can provide the guidance and direction that helps our customers confront the challenges of 24/7 data management and moving their businesses forward. We achieve this by architecting and implementing high-quality, high-value solutions that help you better manage and protect your company’s data. We can support projects within your data center, our cloud platform, or through a hybrid approach.

Tego Data aims to be an extension of the IT teams we support and we believe having a deep understanding of our clients and their unique organizational goals and challenges helps us achieve this. We ask thoughtful questions with the intent of identifying root causes of issues and gaining situational awareness of an environment. This approach enables us to design solutions with a long-term strategy in mind that achieves a clients vision with a focus on measurable results during and after implementation. The value Tego brings doesn’t end once the solution is implemented. As a Tego customer you have ongoing access to engineers for design guidance, level 1 technical support and an entire account team that prides itself on being extremely responsive and helpful so you can focus on your core business.

You can also leverage our Tego Data Cloud Platform for offsite backup, comprehensive disaster recovery, or to run your mission critical apps entirely on Tego’s cloud platform with 100% guaranteed uptime. Either way, we’ll work with you to sort through the options and choose the solutions that best meet your business, technology and budget needs.

You can reach us via live chat or contact us to speak with a Sales Engineer regarding your project.