Tradeshows and Conferences

Tradeshows and Conferences

Here is a list of tradeshows and conferences Tego is attending in 2022:

NC Tech Outlook For Tech
January 28, Charlotte, NC
Greg Manson, VP of Security, Audit, and Compliance, will be moderating a CIO panel

Data Connectors Cybersecurity Conference
February 16-17, Raleigh, NC
Greg Manson, VP of Security, Audit, and Compliance, will be presenting about the value of persistent penetration testing

SIM RTP Tech Connect
March 23, Raleigh, NC

March 14-18, Orlando, FL

NC Military Business Center Infrastructure and Environmental Summit
April 6-7, Wilmington, NC

League of Municipalities CityVision Conference
April 26-28, Wilmington, NC

NCPHA Fall Conference (rescheduled from 2021)
April 27-29, Asheville, NC
Tyler Booker, Director of Security, Audit, and Compliance, will be presenting on changes to the HIPAA security rule

NCCS IIPS Spring Conference
May 2022

NCPHA Public Health Leaders Conference
May 19-20, Raleigh, NC

NCLGISA Spring Symposium
May, Wilmington, NC

August 16-18, Augusta, GA

NC Digital Government Summit
August 30, Raleigh, NC

Charlotte Cybersecurity Summit
September 16, Charlotte, NC

NCLGISA Fall Symposium
October, Asheville, NC

SIM RTP Tech Connect
October, Raleigh, NC

NCCCS IIPS Fall Conference

NCPHA IIPS Fall Conference


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