Tradeshows and Conferences

Tradeshows and Conferences

Here is a list of tradeshows and conferences Tego is attending in 2022:

North Carolina Cybersecurity Symposium
January 19-20, Raleigh, NC

March 2, Charlotte, NC

NC IT Leadership Forum
March 7, Raleigh, NC

NC Military Business Center Federal Construction, Infrastructure and Environmental Summit
April 12-13, Wilmington, NC

NCPHA Eastern District Conference
April 26-28, Kill Devil Hills, NC

May 15, Arlington, VA

NCLGISA Spring Conference
May 24-26, Wilmington, NC

AFCEA TechNet Cyber
May 1-2, Baltimore, MD

Farm Bureau IASI Conference
June 2-3, Minneapolis, MN

Cooperative Technologies Conference and Expo
August 8-11, Myrtle Beach, SC

AFCEA TechNet Augusta
August 14-17, Augusta, GA

CureMD User Group
October 3-4, Raleigh, NC
Presenting: Greg Manson, VP of Tego Advisory Services

UNC Cause
October 25-27, Winston-Salem, NC


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