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Build a Robust Cloud Strategy with AWS

Drive success and security in the cloud with a robust cloud governance posture that helps you run your business well and keep it safe with the support of AWS and Tego . Start by understanding the four pillars of cloud governance—visibility, configuration, operations, and risk—and how they affect the security of your cloud assets.

Visibility – Maintain an accurate, detailed, and up-to-date view of your cloud infrastructure

Configuration – Develop processes for finding, addressing, and tracking misconfigurations on a continuous basis to ensure compliance

Operations – Automate processes to detect, report, and remediate operational issues

Risk – Optimize cloud resources to reduce the likelihood of data breaches, system vulnerabilities, and errors

Why choose Tego for AWS services?

  • Tego excels at helping organizations unlock the potential of the hybrid cloud. Our business is built on collective experience in designing technology infrastructure solutions both on-prem and in the cloud.
  • We understand the challenges that businesses face in developing and executing on cloud strategies, and our cloud practice is designed to remove these obstacles and provide defined pathways for success.  
  • Leveraging our team of certified architects, engineers, and security professionals, we take a strategic approach that focuses on creating positive business outcomes by combining your existing technology investments and in-house expertise with the scalability and reliability of AWS.

With the shift towards flexible working accelerating across all industries, organizations are looking at how they can provide remote users fast, secure, and easy access to corporate applications and information from anywhere, any device, and at any time. By running their digital workplace tools and applications in the cloud,  our customers have been able to embrace flexible working practices by quickly scaling remote desktop access, simplifying application management, and improving security and control over end-user devices.

Cloud doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach.  We know where you are, and we know where you want to go.  Tego can help you get there. For more information on AWS solutions, contact us today.


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