Spot by NetApp

Spot by NetApp

Use more cloud. For less.

Going beyond cloud analytics and recommendations, Spot actively optimizes AWS, Azure and Google Cloud deployments with SLA-backed availability, fully automated infrastructure management and up to 90% cost reduction. With Spot, cloud consumers can effortlessly and affordably scale any workload, from stateful, single instances, to cloud-native clusters made up of thousands of nodes. Connect your cloud environment in just minutes, with Spot providing 24/7 support.

Why choose Spot?

  • Over 500,000 concurrent cloud instances and VMs
  • $100 million in cloud costs saved in 2019
  • 5 million running containers

More cloud. Less cost. With Spot by NetApp

Rising cloud computing costs is a key concern for companies moving more workloads to the cloud. However, the right technology can help you get the most from your cloud investments. Take control of your cloud spending and continuously optimize your cloud infrastructure with Spot by NetApp from Tego to be:

  • Cost-effective. Cut your cloud compute bill by an average of 70%
  • Customized. Understand your cloud infrastructure to identify and prioritize the unique savings opportunities for your business—today and in the future.
  • Automated. Automatically provision compute infrastructure across the full range of instance types, sizes, and pricing models to optimize cloud for your business.
  • Empowering. Give your teams the agility they need to manage cloud spend and free them to focus on your most strategic initiatives.

Discover how the right tools can help you achieve more cloud, less cost. Download this checklist that illustrates nine ways to reduce cloud costs today.


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