SIEM SOC Demo Webinar

SIEM SOC Demo Webinar

This webinar focuses on the benefits of utilizing a SIEM SOC solution. Tego partners with InfusionPoints for our SIEM SOC and penetration testing capabilities. Using a SIEM SOC gives you  access to team of security experts 24/7/365. InfusionPoints has a top-secret clearance SOC facility right here in NC. In this webinar, you’ll see a demo of how the SIEM SOC solution works.

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    About the Presenter

    Chad Spears is the Director of NSOC and Operations at InfusionPoints. He has 17 years of Information Technology experience serving as a Network Administrator, Infrastructure Supervisor, IT Director, and currently is the Director of NSOC and Operations at InfusionPoints. Chad is well-versed in Network Infrastructure and has held several Cisco certifications. Chad has leveraged his business infrastructure background to better assess and secure customer environments. This knowledge has allowed Chad to review customers’ environments to determine key areas of vulnerability. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his wife, family, and church, as well as enjoying the outdoors and hunting.


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