Scale Your Cloud Workload with Spot by NetApp

Scale Your Cloud Workload with Spot by NetApp

Spot by NetApp is a suite of cloud-native solutions that helps organizations manage and scale their cloud workloads efficiently. It optimizes the use of cloud resources like virtual machines and containers to minimize costs and ensure high availability.

Using machine learning, automation, and predictive analytics, Spot actively orchestrates cloud infrastructure to ensure performance and availability for workloads by using a continuously optimized mix of purchasing models, instance types, and locations.

Spot is an ideal product for FinOps, due to the high growth side of the business. Organizations currently using Kubernetes or containers are also a good fit as cloud bills can be costly. This consumption-based model helps organizations scale and pay for what is actually needed.

How does Spot help customers?*

  • Reduces the cost of cloud infrastructure by 80%
  • Reduces the infrastructure operation burden by up to 85%
  • Simplifies and accelerates cloud application delivery

Spot has a 696% three-year ROI with a four-month payback. As a result, organizations are able to save an average of 73% on their cloud bill.

Spot optimizes cloud resource usage, reduces costs, and increases efficiency for organizations. It leverages machine learning and automation to seamlessly scale data and applications while minimizing unnecessary expenses. Combined with Tego’s cloud optimization approach, it enables businesses to focus on core operations and applications while ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the cloud environment.

For more information on optimizing your organization’s cloud costs, contact us today.

*Reference: IDC 2022 report

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