Preparing for the Rubrik RSC Migration

Preparing for the Rubrik RSC Migration

Information regarding the upcoming Rubrik RSC Migration, to be completed prior to July 2024.

If you’ve logged into your Rubrik cluster in the last few months, you’ve probably noticed messages about migrating to Rubrik Security Cloud.  We understand that the messaging is pervasive and wanted to explain what’s happening.

What is RSC?

RSC is Rubrik’s new cloud-based management interface for all Rubrik technology and features.  With RSC, you can now manage multiple Rubrik clusters from a single centralized management pane; better yet, you can do so from anywhere in the world.  In addition to allowing you to manage your backup and recovery configuration, RSC also allows for reporting and alerting and is your gateway to new advanced Rubrik features like:

• Data Security Posture  – Can automatically scan your backed-up data and tell you where sensitive data subject to regulatory or compliance frameworks like HIPAA or PCI are located
• Data Threat Analytics – Aadvanced tooling that can help after an attack to determine which recovery point is safest to recover to, minimizing the risk of reinfection or can even detect and stop ransomware before it is activated
• Ruby AI – An interactive, generative AI to help guide admins through the recovery process from incident detection through full recovery

What does RSC migration mean?

Rubrik clusters deployed before RSC management functionality was fully developed are managed locally via the CDM management interface.  Rubrik is deprecating that management interface in favor of the new cloud-based interface RSC.  Rubrik has ceased development on the legacy CDM interface and is ending support for it this year – adopting the new RSC interface will be mandatory as a prerequisite for upcoming Rubrik OS releases.  The migration process is driven through the RSC web interface and involves several steps to import your existing CDM configuration into RSC.  The process will not affect your existing backups or configuration.

What will change?

After the migration, any new Rubrik configuration will take place via the new cloud-based RSC interface.  You can create and assign SLAs, manage archive locations and alerting, and review cluster health and capacity all from RSC.  It’s important to note that recovery functionality will remain possible entirely independently of the cloud interface.  Even if what you’re recovering from impacts your connectivity to RSC, you can still connect directly to the cluster on your local network and initiate recovery from the legacy CDM interface – only the new configuration will be available exclusively via the cloud.

What else do I need to know?

RSC is the future of Rubrik.  It unites management of disparate clusters and increasingly broad features under a single, powerful, intuitive interface. It’s also mandatory as CDM is falling out of support. Reach out to your account team if you’re interested in help from a Tego engineer on executing the migration, a walkthrough of how the new interface works, or to talk about some of Rubrik’s new features.

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