Remote Work and Collaboration

Remote Work and Collaboration

The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a remote work and learning revolution. From private businesses to government agencies, people are finding that there is more freedom and flexibility from working remotely. This has led to an increased demand for cloud-based collaboration tools that can be accessed anywhere, at any time to support new workflows. The most popular and ubiquitous collaboration suite is Microsoft Office 365.

The problem with this type of environment is that data created by Office 365 applications stored in the cloud aren’t backed up automatically – it’s a common misconception that the data is backed up! It’s essential to have a solution in place to ensure you don’t lose your critical data. This blog post will explore two different solutions: Rubrik, and Veeam.

Why You Need to Backup Your Data Now

As businesses and agencies moved to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic, productivity and collaboration tools like Office 365 became indispensable. Unfortunately, malicious actors also noticed this trend. According to the IDC, six out of ten organizations have no plan for cybersecurity and protecting their information from hackers or other security breaches. If your organization relies heavily on Microsoft 365 tools like Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint, you know how critical that data is for your agency to function properly and smoothly. What would happen if there were a cyber incident like a ransomware attack? A cyberattack would result in lost productivity, data, and risk sensitive breaches of public data.


Rubrik ensures that your Microsoft 365 data is protected and easily accessible with a simple, powerful SaaS platform. Rubrik’s Polaris SaaS platform guarantees Microsoft 365 data protection and efficiency with unparalleled simplicity. With search-and-restore features, you can avoid the common pitfalls of other backup solutions while empowering your organization to recover anytime without interruption from disasters like ransomware or deleting a file due to human error. Rubrik’s solution allows you to recover from data loss with point-in-time snapshots quickly. You can browse through a range of times and restore an entire OneDrive, mailbox, or other data. Searching for lost data is fast, easy, and efficient with Rubrik’s item-level search feature that lets you search by email address or date range. Rubrik also has a step-by-step restoration process in case your organization faces the crisis of losing customer data.


Veeam offers a cost-effective backup and recovery solution unparalleled in its ability to manage data for customers across multiple environments. Unlike many backup solutions that only back up to within 24 hours of an incident, the Veeam solution protects your data continuously with full back ups throughout each day. This means it is never too late to restore your data. A key feature of the solution, the Scale-out Backup Repository allows organizations to easily extend their storage repository into the cloud without worrying about performance or latency issues. This process takes advantage of native object storage and is ultimately more straightforward and lower cost than alternatives. The Veeam solution integrates seamlessly and automates many tedious tasks that would otherwise be required during disaster recovery or planned migration events. The backup software integrates seamlessly with numerous technologies in Windows Azure, automating many of the tedious tasks that would otherwise be required during disaster recovery or planned migration events.


Malicious actors are working constantly to steal, exposure, breach, leak, destroy, and hold your data ransom. At the same time, an explosion in remote work and learning has dramatically increased the amount of data in your organization’s environment. The Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite provides applications that your organization relies on to function. Unfortunately, it is a common misconception that Microsoft is automatically backing up the data created in these applications. There are two effective solutions to back up your Office 365 data:

  1. Rubrik can easily automate protection at scale.
  2. Veeam is a cost-effective add on solution for on-premises environments.

For more information on backup and data retention, contact us today.

About the author
Jennifer Vosburgh is a seasoned Marketing and Communications professional. With over 15 years of experience, she has a strong background in Marketing, Communications, and Event Management. As Vice President of Tego Data Systems in Raleigh, NC, Jennifer is responsible for delivering full-scale Marketing Campaigns across all platforms including website, email, social media, events, and more.

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