Phishing and Security Awareness Training

Phishing and Security Awareness Training

Empower Your Users with Security Awareness Training

Your users are your biggest threat, but they can also be your biggest ally. Conducting periodic security awareness training provides the opportunity to educate your users on your organization’s security policies and procedures. Security awareness training helps to build a culture of security within your company.


Phishing attacks are the most common social engineering attack. The number of attacks, along with the sophistication, increase yearly making it more difficult for users to determine authenticity. Phishing attacks are a threat actor’s attempt to collect personal information or credentials via a fake site or a malicious link. The threat actor looks to “phish” information by creating an email with a bogus link to collect user credentials, financial information, or other personal data. Once the information has been collected, the threat actor can use that information for personal gain.

The Tego Approach

Tego can conduct engaging and even entertaining security awareness training with your users. (Such as fooling your employees into thinking they’re getting a free lunch with a phishing link!) The training addresses how not to be a victim and discusses how to protect sensitive information, creating strong passwords, the importance of locking your workstation and much more.

Additionally, Tego can administer a series of phishing tests as part of our security awareness training with employees. These tests are designed to determine if your users can recognize a phishing attempt or if they would click on a malicious link. Test results are shared and discussed with your administrator to help users spot sophisticated phishing emails.

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