NetApp ONTAP Storage Supports FIPS 140-2 Compliance

NetApp ONTAP Storage Supports FIPS 140-2 Compliance

NetApp ONTAP is a data management software solution provided by NetApp, designed to help customers efficiently store, manage, and protect their data. For customers with Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) requirements, NetApp ONTAP offers several features and capabilities to support their compliance efforts. 

Here are some ways NetApp ONTAP helps customers with FIPS requirements:

  • FIPS-validated Encryption: NetApp ONTAP supports FIPS-validated encryption algorithms and cryptographic modules. It enables customers to encrypt their data at rest and in transit, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information. The encryption features comply with FIPS 140-2, a U.S. government standard for cryptographic modules.
  • Compliance Auditing: NetApp ONTAP includes built-in auditing and monitoring capabilities that help customers demonstrate compliance with FIPS requirements. It provides detailed logs and audit trails, capturing information about access attempts, file modifications, and other activities related to the storage and management of data. 
  • Secure Multi-tenancy: NetApp ONTAP offers secure multi-tenancy capabilities, allowing customers to isolate data and workloads in separate storage virtual machines (SVMs). This helps customers meet FIPS requirements by ensuring data separation and providing logical isolation between different user groups or applications. 
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC): NetApp ONTAP incorporates RBAC mechanisms, enabling customers to enforce granular access controls and restrict privileges based on predefined roles. RBAC helps organizations enforce the principle of least privilege, which is essential for FIPS compliance by ensuring that users only have access to the data and resources they require. 
  • Data Integrity and Availability: NetApp ONTAP provides features like RAID-DP (Double Parity) and Snapshot technology to protect against data corruption and ensure data availability. These features are crucial for maintaining the integrity and continuous operation of critical systems, aligning with FIPS requirements for data reliability. 
  • Compliance Validation Tools: NetApp ONTAP offers tools and utilities to assist customers in validating their compliance with FIPS requirements. These tools can help assess the configuration settings, security controls, and encryption mechanisms deployed within the ONTAP environment.

It is important to note that while NetApp ONTAP provides features and capabilities that support FIPS compliance, achieving overall FIPS compliance is a holistic process that involves a combination of technical controls, policies, and operational practices implemented by the organization. Tego can help with these requirements through our Advisory Services Team.

NetApp purchases self-encrypting drives (SEDs) that have been FIPS 140-2 validated by the original equipment manufacturer. The NetApp AFF A-Series and FAS storage systems, the E-Series and EF-Series storage systems are validated SEDs.

For more information about NetApp ONTAP or FIPS compliance, contact us today. 

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