Incident Response and Disaster Response

Incident Response and Disaster Response

Helping you recover from breaches and attacks

If your organization is the victim of a ransomware attack, Tego can help with identification through mitigation and recovery. The Tego Advisory Services team has decades of experience dealing with risk and, more recently, the tools and techniques threat actors employ to execute cyberattacks.

The Tego Approach

Foundational to the framework-based approach, our team leverages NIST 800-34 to manage incident response and disaster response. This approach provides instructions, recommendations, and considerations for federal information system contingency planning. By following the recommendations and guidelines of NIST, we will:

  • Relocate the information systems and operations
  • Recover information system functions
  • Ensure operations continue throughout the incident
  • Complete a diligent after-action review to improve future organizational security posture
  • DRP/IRP tabletop testing
The purpose of a Tabletop Test is to validate your existing DRP/IRP documents and identify their strengths and weaknesses before an actual incident occurs. The Tabletop Test exercises are designed to be a learning tool, facilitate open discussion and ultimately improve your plans, procedures and playbooks. The key benefits of this process include:
  • Testing on real-world scenarios likely to impact your business/industry.
  • Facilitators with years of Incident Response Command experience guiding the testing and reporting.
  • Prioritized recommendations on how to best update plans and protocols.
  • Reduction in the risk of incident impact through minimizing the. “scramble” after an actual incident or disaster is declared.

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