Huntress Malware Demo

Huntress Malware Demo

Would you know if malware was present in your environment? With the increasing sophistication in phishing attacks, malware or malicious files can enter your environment easier than you think. Join Tego and Huntress for a malware demo webinar. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Examples of hacker tradecraft
  • How hackers establish a persistent foothold inside a network
  • How Tego and Huntress assist in remediation

Following the malware demo, you will have the opportunity to sign up for a free 21-day trial of Huntress so you can see the value of the solution firsthand.

About the Presenter

Shane Rose, Security Engineer, Huntress
Shane spent 18 years in the MSP space as both an implementation engineer focused on infrastructure and security and later as Director of Professional Services before moving into the cybersecurity space more directly with Huntress where he now spends time working with partners and end customers on security and product education.

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