Huntress 21-Day Trial

Huntress 21-Day Trial

Breach Detection with Huntress and Tego

It’s easier than you think for hackers to infiltrate your network.  A threat actor only needs to be one step ahead to get around an organization’s defenses. Once inside, they can remain undetected for weeks
or sometimes months.

Huntress is skilled at finding and stopping these threats that sneak past security tools and is one of the many recommended solutions we offer as part of a security stack. That’s why we’re offering a 21-day free trial so you can see the value of Huntress first-hand. Tego and Huntress work together to help organizations improve their security posture.

During your trial, our team will:

  • Search for and eliminate attackers who have silently infiltrated—and are maintaining access to—your managed environments.
  • Proactively hunt for suspicious activity, potential exposures and weak security practices—with simple instructions to remediate them.
  • Deliver detailed incident reports surrounding any active breaches or attacks-in-progress so you can respond swiftly and minimize damage.

Note: If you receive three critical or high-severity threat reports in less than 21 days, your trial will pause, and our team will quickly be in touch.

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