Building a Culture of Security

Building a Culture of Security

With malware attacks and breaches increasing in both frequency and sophistication, it’s important for organizations to have a strong security strategy in place. While building a layered defense and implementing multiple solutions to protect your network and information is vital, it’s only part of the process.

Your users are your biggest threat.  Organizations need to foster programs that help employees understand they are the first line of defense.  This webinar explores how to create a culture of security. In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why annual security awareness training is critical for your organization
  • The value of utilizing a vCISO
  • Why security should be a core management responsibility with a top-down approach


Greg Manson, Vice President of Security, Audit, and Compliance
Following an 18-year career in senior IT management positions across healthcare, medical device and the pharmaceutical industries, Greg transitioned to build the Security, Audit and Compliance department for a popular Raleigh-based MSP. He moved on to do the same for a national MSP servicing clients in all regions of the U.S. Those experiences exposed Greg to a broad spectrum of regulations, compliance initiatives and the gritty world of fighting threat actors. His primary career objective is to help customers reduce risk to their IT systems and data. Greg brings a wealth of security, audit, and compliance experience to Tego including identifying risk through assessment and mitigation, providing systems security management, internal audit and governance solutions, leading SOC 2, Type 2 attestation and ISO 27001 certification initiatives and managing client CMMC, PCI, HIPAA, SOX, GDPR and CCPA programs.

Greg is an ISACA Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) and a Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer (CDPSE). He recently became a CMMC-AB Registered Practitioner allowing Tego to become a CMMC-AB Registered Provider Organization positioning us to assist our many customers in the Defense Industrial Base navigate the strict requirements of the Defense Acquisition Regulations Supplement (DFARS).

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