Backup Planning, Technology and Testing

Backup Planning, Technology and Testing

Recover Your Data with Backup and Data Retention

Backups are critical for recovery when disaster strikes. Proper planning, effective backup solutions, and testing ensure an effective recovery within the timeframes acceptable to your organization. 

The Tego Approach

Working with the best backup technology, Tego approaches backups in a way that is aligned with guidance provided by NIST and CIS.  This includes a progression of steps including identifying the right technology to perform backups, planning, testing and adjusting the solution/process. Tego’s approach to backup includes the following:

  • Identifying what files to back up and acceptable recovery point objectives 
  • Determining acceptable recovery time objectives
  • Resolving what set of backup files and other information need to be secured offline
  • Identifying any regulatory and legal data retention requirements

Additionally, we will work with you to implement formal cyber incident recovery protocols and procedures including the design of testing exercises to ensure the backup system is operating in alignment with the customers’ expectations. The testing will include realistic objectives, with specific roles and responsibilities, for exercising and testing recovery capabilities to verify the ability to adequately reduce data risk. 

Tego backup solutions allow customers to follow industry best practices.  We work with you to set up policies for archival, replication, and backup of local and cloud-based files making it easier than ever to automate data protection. Tego’s data protection solutions allow you to easily locate sensitive data, make your backups immutable, and enable security controls to ensure your data is safe. 

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