5 Steps for a Successful Cloud Migration

5 Steps for a Successful Cloud Migration

Moving to the cloud can be a stressful and overwhelming process for many organizations. What data and applications should you move? When should you move it? Will it be secure? These questions can keep IT leaders up at night. Here are five steps to ensure your organization has a successful cloud migration. 

  1. Determine your cloud strategy and security posture. Before migrating anything, you should consider your long-term cloud strategy. How will your organization grow in the next 5-10 years? Are you doing business internationally? What security and compliance regulations is your organization required to adhere to? Determining the answers to these questions and assessing your overall security strategy is the first step in a successful migration. 
  2. Assess your environments and applications. Is there any equipment in your environment that needs to be upgraded for optimal performance before moving to the cloud? Consider what applications you utilize should be accessed from the cloud so that employees can work from anywhere. 
  3. Select the right architecture. Cloud is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on the needs of your organization, you may need to improve the architecture in your environment. When you begin the process of evaluating cloud partners, discuss the architecture needed to optimize your cloud experience.  
  4. Choose a strong partner. Select a partner who has the expertise and experience to execute your migration properly. A good partner will understand your business objectives, have strong relationships with industry-leading vendors, and set clear expectations on project timelines.  
  5. Conduct security testing. Storing your data and applications in the cloud requires additional security measures. Conducting an annual security risk assessment and penetration testing can determine what vulnerabilities exist and if you need to harden your environment. 

Tego has helped organizations of all sizes successfully migrate to the cloud. Contact us today to let Tego plan and execute your cloud migration. 

About the author
Jennifer Vosburgh is a seasoned Marketing and Communications professional. With over 15 years of experience, she has a strong background in Marketing, Communications, and Event Management. As Vice President of Tego Data Systems in Raleigh, NC, Jennifer is responsible for delivering full-scale Marketing Campaigns across all platforms including website, email, social media, events, and more.

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