Technology Integration

te-gō (v): To Shield, Protect

Our mission as an organization is to help other businesses more effectively manage and protect their data.

Our engineers help our customers architect and implement data management and virtualization technologies to help them reach their performance and efficiency goals.

When you work with Tego, you gain access to our company-wide knowledge and experience as we find solutions that bring true value to the business in the form of increased performance, uptime and usability. Once engaged with Tego, our solution architects become a valuable extension of your own IT staff and our engineers embrace the mindset of designing, managing and implementing within our client’s environment as if it were our own.

But the value Tego brings doesn’t stop once the gear is powered on, as a Tego customer you have direct access to our engineers where you can go for design guidance or recommendations for the future as your infrastructure solution grows and expands with your business.

Our success as an organization can be attributed to a very simple formula. We maintain a small, clearly defined sphere of expertise and we don’t work outside of it.

We are experts on the technologies we feel serve our customers best and provide them with the tools and competitive advantage they need to help their business grow. Our engineers are diligent about making sure they understand the core requirements and root issues you are trying to address. Our goal is to put in place solutions that enable you to minimize complexity, protect your data and grow your infrastructure in a cost effective, efficient manner.

We have strong relationships with our technology vendors and understand not only how to size and implement their respective technologies, but also whom to contact and how to maneuver within each organization to get things done in a timely manner to keep projects on schedule.

If you are working on initiatives over the next 12 to 18 months around storing, managing and protecting your data and/or working on server virtualization projects, we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Please contact us and one of our representatives will follow up with you shortly.