Private Storage
as a Service

Pay as you go for enterprise storage with multicloud access

Scale cloud capacity, performance and cost better than in-cloud alternatives, with data control

Private Storage as a Service gives you the freedom to connect to multiple industry-leading clouds while maintaining control of your data on private NetApp or Pure storage systems—with no capital expenditure. With your compute hosted in a public cloud, your compute will have the performance you demand while your data remains secure and protected in a colocation facility.

Available from Tego Data, Private Storage as a Service (PSaaS) leverages the patent pending cloud architecture that places NetApp or Pure storage next to the hyperscaler cloud compute, physically and logically separating data and compute via high-speed interconnections to multiple hyperscaler clouds. The technology interfaces with standard Internet-based virtual routing and network capabilities to bridge clouds simply and securely. The technology enables enterprises to extend private, secure tenancy from NetApp storage to multiple hyperscaler compute providers, in a unique architecture that simplifies routing – reducing time to deploy and configuration error potential.

Choose from Tego Data’s cloud, AWS and or Microsoft Azure public cloud services. Dedicated high-speed connections to multiple cloud platforms makes it easy to switch cloud services in seconds without migrating data.

There is no need to procure, deploy, or maintain infrastructure from multiple vendors; setting up service is easy. You can start small and scale up as your business grows, adjusting your compute and storage resources on the fly in line with your business needs. Single-source billing and support simplify purchasing, implementation, and management.

The Benefits of Private Storage as a Service