Tego Data’s networking portfolio includes Mellanox’s scale-out Ethernet products because they enable users to benefit from a far more scalable, lower latency, and virtualized fabric with lower overall fabric costs and power consumption, greater efficiencies, and simplified management than traditional Ethernet fabrics.

Consider Mellanox if you:

  • Need to scale network performance more cost effectively than ever before
  • Have a need for high performance interconnects like 10/25/40/56/100/200 Gbps Ethernet
  • Need low cost of entry high-density switching for Storage or Virtualization

10/25/40/50/56/100Gb/s Ethernet Switch System Family

Mellanox provides the highest performing Open Ethernet switch systems at speeds of 10/25/40/50/56/100Gb/s, enabling Data Centers, Cloud Computing, Storage, Web2.0 and High Performance Computing applications to operate at maximum functionality at any scale.

From SwitchX to Spectrum, the Mellanox family of Open Ethernet switches provides the most efficient network solution for the ever-increasing performance demands of Data Center applications.

Accompanied by Mellanox’s Unified Fabric Manager (UFM®), as well as the world’s fastest network interface cards, interconnect modules and cables, Mellanox provides a complete end-to-end Ethernet solution that scales to perform at the highest level.

The Open Ethernet family includes a broad portfolio of 1RU-sized switches, ranging from 12 ports through 64 ports and with speeds from 1Gb/s to 100Gb/s, allowing the construction of purpose-built data centers at any scale with any desired blocking ratio. This enables network and data center managers to design and implement a cost-effective switch fabrics by the “pay as you grow” principle, in which the fabric can be composed of a few servers in the beginning, and grow gradually into hundreds of thousands of servers. Incorporating SDN attributes, the Mellanox Ethernet solution rewards the data center administrator with tools that provide a clean, simple and flexible view, and orchestration capabilities for the infrastructure. The result is an easily accessible framework that provides the data center applications with utmost elasticity.

With its unique design principles and uncompromised quality, Mellanox’s 3rd generation of Ethernet data center switch integrated circuits draws a new benchmark line for industry performance.

These switch products feature the market’s lowest latency with the most efficient cut-through technology, optimized for big data and high performance computing applications, running from 10GbE all the way up to 100GbE. Regardless of the network load or traffic patterns, these switch products handle all incoming data with the lowest latency and transfer the data to the destinations without dropping a single packet.

Another valuable feature of Mellanox switch devices and systems is their industry lowest power consumption. The unique ASIC design of these Mellanox switch devices smartly manages the consumption of power such that running at higher speed at maximum performance 100% of the time does not translate into a linear increase in power. Switch fabrics using Mellanox devices enjoy the world’s lowest power consumption per Gb/s of bandwidth at any line rate and at any network scale, providing the most cost-effective solution for any and all use cases.

Mellanox’s Open Ethernet portfolio includes systems running with PPC CPUs as well as x86 CPUs which also allow for the installation of a virtual machine on the switch that can be supplied with a variety of software packages — whether it is a complete solution running the MLNX-OS® operating system and a protocol stack, all the way down to a bare metal system that allows the implementation of 3rd-party software over the Open SDK API or the SAI interface of the switch silicon device.

100GbE ports32816
50GbE ports641632
25GbE ports646464
40/56GbE Ports123632816
10GbE Ports4864646464
Switching Capacity1.15Tb/s2.02Tb/s3.2Tb/s2Tb/s1.6Tb/s
FRUsPS and FansPS and FansPS and FansPS and FansN
PSU RedundancyYYYYY
FAN RedundancyYYYYY
Power consumption [W]83.382.315016594.3
Wire speed switching [Bpps]1.713.004.762.982.38

Feature Summary


  • 1GbE to 100GbE per port
  • Zero packet loss performance at all levels
  • Full bisectional bandwidth of all ports
  • All port connectors support passive and active cables
  • Redundant auto-sensing 110/220VAC power supplies
  • Per port status and link activity LEDs
  • System, Fans and PS status LEDs
  • Hot-swappable replaceable fan trays


  • Comprehensive fabric management
  • OpenFlow and subnet management
  • Secure, remote configuration and management
  • Performance/provisioning manager
  • Quality of Service based on traffic type and service levels
  • Cluster diagnostic tools for single node, peer-to-peer and network verification
  • Switch chassis management
  • Error, event and status notifications



  • USA/Canada: cTUVus
  • EU: IEC60950
  • International: CB Scheme


  • USA: FCC, Class A
  • Canada: ICES, Class A
  • EU: EN55022, Class A
  • EU: EN55024, Class A
  • EU: EN61000-3-2, Class A
  • EU: EN61000-3-3, Class A
  • Japan: VCCI, Class A


  • EU: IEC 60068-2-64: Random Vibration
  • EU: IEC 60068-2-29: Shocks, Type I / II
  • EU: IEC 60068-2-32: Fall Test


  • Operating 0°C to 45°C, Non-Operating -40°C to 70°C
  • Humidity: Operating 5% to 95%
  • Altitude: Operating -60m to 2000m


  • Software Defined Networking (SDN) support
  • Efficiency
  • Easy scale from one to thousands of nodes and switches
    • Configure and manage the data center from a single location
  • Elasticity
    • Low-latency at any port speed
    • Full cut-through switching
  • Arranged and organized Data Center
    • Supports speeds of 10/25/40/50/56/100GbE
    • Easy deployment
    • Easy maintenance
  • Unprecedented performance
    • Line rate performance on all ports at any speed
    • Storage and server applications run faster
  • Running MLNX-OS, alternative operating systems over ONIE