Disaster Recovery as as Service

The next step up from our SAFE offering, Guard provides all the same ease, convenience, efficiency and security while providing disaster recovery as well. Using NetApp SnapMirror or Veeam availability backups, you’re guaranteed a swift, consistent operational environment running securely in Tego’s cloud for as long as it takes you to get your environment back online, ensuring you’re able to continue operations through catastrophes that close other businesses.

  • Simple, flexible pricing based on your needs in terms of storage, compute, memory and network.
  • Can protect physical as well as virtual servers
  • 100% guaranteed uptime
  • Simple configuration using NetApp SnapMirror or Veeam Cloud Connect allows you fine-tuned customization around RPO.
  • Complementary site-to-site VPN ensures seamless connectivity between your environment and Tego’s cloud during DR
  • Geographically diverse tier 2 data centers provide high availability
  • Instant recovery available whether file level (accidentally deleted or corrupted an individual file) application level (with visibility into MS SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, Oracle, Active Directory, and more) and VM level with Veeam Instant VM recovery.
  • PoC’s available

Losing data can mean losing your business. But many companies don’t protect their data the way they should. Disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity plans are often not a priority until catastrophe strikes.

DRaaSWhy do so many companies delay implementing DR and business continuity plans if they’re so important? Cost and time generally rise to the top of that list. It’s hard to justify a large expense around something that has a low probability of occuring. The problem is, if something does happen, the implications for business operations can be big and the cost to recovery has the potential to put a business under.

We Understand These Issues. And We Can Help

Our Engineers can work with you to identify the applications that are business critical and architect the right solution to protect them. Whether it’s within your own data centers, through our Tego Data Professional Services or you elect to take advantage of our Tego Data Cloud Services for your DR needs, we can help.

Veeam Cloud Provider

Our Tego Data Guard™ Disaster Recovery Services (DRaaS) and Fortress™ Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions are options that fall under the Tego Cloud Core umbrella and can be part of an integrated production and disaster recover solution that when combined together will address your business continuity needs.

“The Tego Data Team has been a great partner to work with over the last several years. Together we developed a disaster recovery solution, which fit our needs and budget. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Tego Data in the years to come.”

Paul Murray – Chief Technology Officer, Thomas H Lee Capital LLC
Private Equity – New York City, NY

Similar to any general utility, we’ve made the investment in the hardware and time to architect and build a geographically dispersed, highly available platform of compute resources that can be spun up quickly, flexible to adjust as business needs change and are paid for on a monthly basis, reducing requirements to buy and manage your own hardware. Leveraging the Tego Cloud Core platform enables our customers to invest more time, money and personnel resources in areas that are more strategic to the growth of their business.