Cloud Core

Tego Data Cloud Core

Two Data Centers (1,200 Miles Apart)

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Protect your critical data with the Tego Data Cloud Core infrastructure, disaster recovery, and backup solutions.

Cloud Fortress


Infrastructure as a Service

High Availability, Secure, Enterprise Hardware Platform

Tier 3 Carrier Neutral Data Center

Reduce or Eliminate Hardware/Software CapEx Spend

Low Risk Area for Natural Disaster

Focus on Managing Your Applications and Data

Cloud Guard


Disaster Recovery as a Service

Replicate Your Data to a Tier 3 Data Center for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Geographically Dispersed

Separate Power Grid

No hardware or software to Buy or Maintain

Reduce Risk of Business Downtime

Cloud Safe


Backup as a Service

Secure, Offsite Data Protection

Restore Any Level, Single File, Message or Data Object

Recover to Virtual or Physical

Automated Recover Verification

VMWare, Hyper-V and Xen Support

Contact us for more information about Guard, Fortress, Safe of TDI Services.

Location Matters

Why Location Matters

We chose Austin, Texas, as the location for our Tier 3 data center, making your data geographically safe in a region of the country that historically has been largely unaffected by natural disasters.
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