• As a Tego Cloud customer, can I load balance across internet carriers?
    • Yes. All of our Data Centers offer a blended Internet service that provides access to a minimum of four carriers at once. Our Data Center’s blended bandwidth ensures the most efficient and reliable routing for network connectivity.
  • How are customer networks kept secure?
    • -Enterprise class Firewalls (Juniper)
      -Option to provision customer managed virtual firewalls (Sophos)
      -Layer 2 seperation
  • What hardware and software platforms does Tego offer interoperability with?
    • Tego is built on enterprise class hardware and software and strives to deliver a platform that is as flexible as possible to adapt to our customer’s unique business challenges.

      Complimentary technologies with Tego Cloud at present include NetApp storage and VMware virtual machines, with a robust roadmap of enhancements to support a constantly expanding vendor ecosystem.

  • What redundancy features can Tego Cloud customers leverage in their environments?
    • Tego Data’s Cloud was built on a foundation of redundancy and high availability. If a product or solution doesn’t demonstrate N+1 resiliency it is not considered viable for our customers. As such, redundancy features are exhibited from top to bottom in the entire technology stack.

      Facility redundancy with redundant power, water cooling, diesel generators and 2-factor authentication.
      Carrier redundancy with access to blended bandwidth from 18 different Internet Service Providers.
      Network redundancy with redundant active-active firewalls, core and access switches.
      Storage redundancy with active-active storage controllers and full multipath high availability cabling.
      Virtual Host redundancy with N+2 fault tolerance and automatic failover.

      Application redundancy is highly encouraged and Tego Engineers can consult with you on how to leverage these features. Tego Engineers do not proceed past the login of virtual machines, so we do not support these applications directly. Examples of resilient applications Tego customers are running include SQL Replication, Exchange Database Availability Groups and Load Balanced Web Servers.

  • How do I contact support?
  • How do I access my virtual servers?
    • Access to virtual servers may be facilitated in a number of ways. Tego Data Cloud is inherently flexible and offers a variety of access options tailored to suit an individual customer’s needs.
  • What type of service-level agreement can Tego Data provide?
    • Tego Cloud guarantees 100% infrastructure uptime
  • What types of applications can run in the Tego Data IaaS Cloud?
    • Customers may run any applications they choose, provided they are not breaking any laws in doing so. Tego Engineers do not have the ability to proceed past the login for virtual machines and as such have no visibility into what sort of applications are running.
  • Are there advantages to licensing 3rd party software through Tego Cloud?
    • Tego Cloud customers may take advantage of Tego Data’s Microsoft Service Provider Licensing Agreement to license Microsoft Operating Systems and Applications on a monthly basis.

      This is advantageous because license consumption is calculated monthly and CALs may be allocated on demand as opposed to an upfront purchase. This allows for a pay-as-you-grow model for licensing Windows and applications like SQL, Exchange, Sharepoint and Dynamics CRM.

  • What types of Cloud services are available from Tego Data?
    • Tego Cloud is an extensible and flexible platform that is easily adaptable to meet customer requirements. That said, typically solutions fit into one of two categories.

      Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) – Tego Cloud serves as both the primary and secondary location for customer virtual machines and includes Tego managed Disaster Recovery services at no additional charge.

      Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) – Tego Cloud services as the secondary location and operates infrastructure enabling virtual machines running in customer managed environments outside of Tego Cloud to be failed over.

      You can view all of our solutions here

  • What level of support is provided by Tego Cloud?
      • Tego Cloud guarantees 100% infrastructure uptime
      • Consultative support for deploying applications into Tego Cloud and/or spanning customer owned environments
  • What is Tego's privacy and usage policy for customer data?
    • Your data is always your own. You are free to request evacuation of your data from the Tego Cloud environment at any time. Tego Engineers do not go beyond the login screen of virtual machines and do not have access to customer data itself, only the supporting infrastructure.
  • Are multiple internet carriers available to Data Foundry customers?
    • Data Foundry’s Texas 1 is a carrier-neutral facility strategically located in an area of dense fiber-optic connectivity. Over 17 carriers are available in the TexasNAP providing you choice and competition when selecting a network solution.

      For more information please visit Data Foundry.com

  • Why was Data Foundry in Austin, TX selected for Tego Cloud?